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How to Get Rid of Pests - Squirrel Removal Information

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

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Squirrels are seemingly ubiquitous-they are in parks, in the trees of city boulevards, in back yards and unfortunately, sometimes in attics. They are noisy and create an unhealthy situation in your house. Not only can they be a health threat, they can be extremely costly in their destructive behavior. By chewing through wood or plastic, they can disable the entire electric system in a house, cause fires through exposed pieces of wires or they can even cause flooding by chewing through the PVC pipes.

Their droppings and urine make an odor that is nasty, to say the least. As if that were not bad enough, this smell seems to signal to other squirrels to come and check this place out. They reproduce quickly as well. One pregnant squirrel will be four or five squirrels in a couple of months. Another three to four months later, you can have a family of twelve to fifteen squirrels in your attic.

What Can You Do To Prevent Squirrels From Destroying Your House? Because squirrels are cute and can actually become quite familiar with human beings, they can be seen as potential pets. However, they are rodents and do not make good pets. They are excellent climbers and chewers and can chew their way into almost anything. So how are they to be kept out of the house?

One way to minimize the attraction for squirrels to come into the house is to eliminate everything that would draw them to your house in the first place. A big item that draws squirrels is bird food. Here is ready food that they can access without any problem with conventional type bird feeders. There are all kinds of gadgets that will deter the squirrels from reaching the feeders but those crafty squirrels can circumvent almost every obstacle. It is very difficult to keep them away from bird seed.

The other crucial measure to take is to check the entire house for entry points that squirrels could use to gain access to the attic. Any loose piece of roofing can be chewed until it is large enough to provide a hole big enough to get inside. Soffit under the eaves must be closed and interlocked tightly for the same reason. In fact, any hole at all, anywhere on the house, can serve as an entry for the squirrel who wants to make a nest and give birth to her young.

One last step to take to keep the squirrel population out of your house is to cut down any limbs from trees that hang over the house. These provide easy access to your roof for an active squirrel.

Repellents: Mothballs have been totally overrated as repellents of unwanted rodents. The balls have an odor and so do the squirrels' urine and feces. All that together makes for a fairly nasty odor. These are often pushed but very rarely are they found effective. Not only do these repellents not work, they add to the smell in the house and the aggravation of the home owner. People have tried sounds to drive them out, but that did not bother them enough to leave either.

Techniques And Exclusions: One technique to rid a house of squirrels is to trap them. Or there are several types of exclusions. One type is to have a one way trap attached directly to the opening that seems to be their favorite portal into and out of the attic. You will probably need several traps because the squirrels will have several exits. You need to be certain that there isn’t a mother squirrel that just had babies as they would be left vulnerable and will die. Decomposition odor in the attic may permeate the entire house, which would be most unpleasant. The plan would have to be to evacuate all the squirrels, catch them in traps, detoxify the attic of their feces and urine and close up every hole that could possibly be used for entry into the attic. Exclusion caps over chimneys and wires over the air vents should prevent any further squirrel invasion.

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