How to Get Rid of Moles - The Pest Animal

The best method for dealing with a mole will depend on where exactly it is. Moles in your garden will tunnel throughout the yard, creating unsightly ridges and mole hills, leaving your lawn looking spotty. Moles inside the home are unlikely, but can actually be much easier to deal with than those outside.

  • 1. Even though it's for sale, mole poison is ineffective since the animals will not eat it.
  • 2. Don't count on a mole repellent working either as they tend to be ineffective.
  • 3. Trapping is the best method for catching moles, but requires a great deal of precision.
  • 4. For effective trapping, identify the primary mole surface tunnels.
  • 5. Spear traps or scissor traps set on the surface, on the mole tunnels, work best.
  • 6. There are below-ground traps, but they are hard to set - best call a pro.
  • 7. Water can be effective at getting rid of moles, but you have to use it in moderation to avoid damaging your yard or garden.

  • Why Poison Won't Kill Moles
    You can find a surprising variety of mole poisons available for sale, something which is very interesting given how ineffective they are. Although these poisons are lethal, they do not come in any form that moles will actually eat. This is just as true of poison peanuts as it is poison seeds and fake gummy worms containing poison. Moles simply aren't interested in eating these objects. A mole's diet is fairly limited, just including live grubs or earthworms and a handful of other insects, although earthworms make up the majority of their diet. As a general rule, moles won't eat anything that is dead or isn't a form of meat, making poison incredibly ineffective.

    Repellents Are Just As Ineffective
    Over the years, most wildlife professionals have tried out various mole repellents without any results. No matter whether it is a powder, liquid, or spray or even an ultrasonic noise machine, you just won't get moles to leave by using a repellent. After all, moles spend the majority of their time in the dirt so they won't even come into contact with the repellent you try to use. If you insist on trying a repellent to get rid of moles, at least opt for a natural one as you won't be wasting money or adding chemicals to the environment.

    There Aren't Live Traps
    Although they have tried, experts still haven't developed live traps for moles. The thing to remember is that moles dig underground, so there is no way to get a live cage trap into their space and effectively catch them. Because of this, you will find yourself looking at various lethal traps for taking care of the mole problem.

    Types Of Mole Traps
    Although there aren't any live mole traps, there are still three different general styles that will trap these animals, killing them instantly. Spear traps sit on top of active surface tunnels. You begin by squishing down the tunnel and putting the trap on the top so its trigger pan is directly on the dirt. The mole will crawl through its tunnel and push open this area where the dirt has been squished, triggering the pan and making the spear slam down, impaling it and killing it instantly.

    Scissor traps go on top of active surface tunnels with one scissor blade on either side of the tunnel in question. As the mole goes through the tunnel, it will trigger the trap which makes the blades snap together and kill the mole.

    Finally, paper clip traps are set inside the tunnel, frequently back to back with each one facing outward. When the mole approaches in the tunnel from either way, it hits a pin that holds the trap open, making it slip and closing the trap, killing the mole.

    Placing The Mole Traps
    While mole traps are effective, they need to be used correctly to see the results you want. You should choose your mole tunnels with care, always opting for those with a greater level or activity. Generally, moles will tend to stick to the tunnels that are by edges like a sidewalk or home or going straight while winding tunnels are typically just used occasionally or even just a single time.

    Getting Rid Of Moles In The Garden Or Yard
    In the case of moles in your garden or yard, there are some alternatives to lethal traps, but not all will help you in every situation. A simple choice is to flood the mole's tunnels; you just have to find the right balance between enough water to flood the tunnel but not so much that it damages your yard. The risk of damage becomes a larger factor if the moles are in your garden since you don't want to hurt the soil. Instead, you may want to install a mole-proof fence around your garden. It should be made from steel mesh and at least 24 inches under the ground. You can also discourage moles by using soil treatments that kill the bugs moles feed on.

    If you have a garden or in some cases livestock you may know how much of a pest a mole can be. Moles can destroy your lawn with their burrows, but they can also kill plants above ground by affecting their roots, and their tunnels can cause livestock to step in a hole and break a limb. Some people believe that moles actually eat roots, but that is not the case. When a mole raises a molehill it not only makes that area of the lawn a trouble spot, it will also affect the surrounding grass. If you own livestock you probably know the damage that moles can cause not only with unstable ground, but with the feed as well. The molehills also affect the grass that your livestock needs, not to mention that moles may make the livestock food not something that is appetizing to the animals. They can kill vegetation and in turn cost you a lot of money whether you are a home owner or a farmer.

    Not An Easy Catch: Although moles can be slow that does not make them an easy catch. Just because you have spotted a molehill or a burrow that does not mean that you know where the mole is. These animals move around and that is partly why the damage they cause can end up being more than such a tiny creature should warrant. There is a chance that if you place a trap by a molehill or a mole burrow that what you will catch will be something completely different than what you had in mind. Other wildlife will make homes in the burrows and molehills that moles abandon. You should also know how to recognize a burrow, because even if you think that you have a mole, there is a chance that the burrow belongs to a groundhog, in which case the method of catching or trapping is different. A wildlife expert will be able to recognize what you have in your yard and help you discern the best way for removal.

    Not So Effective: A method that is used by some people is flooding the moles out. While the method can be effective in getting the mole out there is also a chance that you will cause damage to your lawn that a mole could never equal. If you plan to flood make sure that you know what you are doing. Do not try to flood any mole tunnel that you find, because there is the possibility that the tunnel has been abandoned. Instead you have to find the active tunnel first. Make sure that flooding will not cause damage to your home or utilities. Even after flooding there is a chance that you will still have the mole because they can be really persistent. In the end flooding has a mixed record of results when it comes to getting rid of moles. Most would agree that there are better and more effective ways to get the job done.

    Traps: A trap that is placed in the correct spot can be the most effective way to get rid of a mole. There are several types of traps, but a killing trap is considered inhumane, especially when there are ways to trap the mole and simply release it in an area where it will not cause damage to property or livestock. A live trap can be placed in the tunnel by digging a bit on the mole hill and checking it a few times a day. Once you have trapped the mole you can release it in another location. You can do this on your own or consider a wildlife trapper and pest control services. They will be able to catch the mole with little to no damage to your property and they take care of the release of the mole so it does not do any more damage to your lawn.

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