How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

These birds are lovable and cartooned as comical characters as well as beautiful creatures to admire in nature. Many of the species suffer due to habitat destruction while others live so closely to human population that they look for ways to make nests out of any wood available. You may have paused while on a hike in the woods to notice one of these gorgeous birds busily drilling away at a tree but it’s a safe bet that you haven’t found them majestic or lovely if they are instead beating the side of your home with their sharp beaks.

A Bit About The Woodpecker
There are many different species of woodpeckers found in North America. Some are so solitary that they are rarely found near a home and making themselves a nuisance. They feed off of insects found in and on trees. If there are termites or ants living in the wood these birds will use their bill to excavate their food and their long tongue to get it into their mouths. Some of the species also use their bills to drill wood and create a nest where they will live and raise their young. They are diurnal which means they spend the night resting in their home and the day finding grubs, beetles and any other food they may find available.

Destructive Problems
There are many people who have never experienced the dreadful hammering of one of these birds on the side of their home. It can be a very unnerving feeling for the seasoned homeowner. A woodpecker can drill right into the wood siding of a home exposing it to many elements. They can create holes in a house that allow other pests into your home. In addition to this, their hammering can be unpleasant to hear and dangerous if it hits wires. There are some reasons these birds may be doing this and they usually come down to two main ones: they are looking for food or looking to build a nest.

Bugs And Your Home
One method of woodpecker prevention is to insure the wood in your home is bug free. These birds are exceptional predators and if there are termites in the wood of your home they are going to start drilling to find them. Many a homeowner who has discovered one of these birds drilling in many different spots on the side of their home is only disappointed to discover it’s a sign of a bigger problem. One of the best methods of woodpecker prevention is to maintain a home that is free of bug infestation in the wood.

Prevent These Busy Birds From Moving In
There are many different tips that people will give you describing how to scare a woodpecker away from your wood siding or log home but what if you want to prevent them ever setting up a nest there in the first place? There are some very reasonable ideas for you to try when looking to keep these fascinating birds away. First of all, if you’re designing the exterior of your home or remodeling and you know there is a population of woodpeckers around; steer clear of wood and wood trim. This may seem like an expensive solution when considering wood pecker prevention but is one of the surest ways to keep them from ever becoming a problem. Some of the methods that are offered as a means of getting rid of the birds can also be tried as a prevention. Statues of birds of prey such as large owls have been used to scare them away. Large, colorful wind chimes or noises that are played have also been offered as an idea for getting rid of the bird or keeping it from making a home. These methods often don’t get the job done and if you end up with one of these birds on the side of your home you are well advised to look for some professional guidance.

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