How to Get Rid of Birds

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted birds.

Birds can be pretty to watch and serve an important purpose in the environment, but they definitely qualify as pests when they decide to take up residence roosting on your home or another public building. Some types of birds can also get aggressive, posing another problem while others will just leave droppings everywhere. If you are dealing with nuisance birds, then pay attention to the following advice.
  • 1. Trapping and relocation for birds isn’t feasible since they fly great distances and lethal control isn’t practical as well as sometimes illegal.
  • 2. Various bird barriers like pigeon spikes can stop birds from roosting on your home and causing potential damage.
  • 3. Most devices to scare birds away are not effective since they know these are not actual predators.
  • 4. Some birds, such as woodpeckers, will be scared away by loud noises.
  • 5. To eliminate birds and discourage them, get rid of their food source; this can vary based on the bird species in question.
  • 6. To get a bird out of your house, create a simple path for them to follow to the outside via a convenient window or door.
  • 7. Always cleanup the area the birds were in after getting rid of them.

  • Deterrent Devices That Actually Work
    If your concern is birds roosting on top of your roof, along your fence, or in another area, then there are some simple deterrents that can effectively keep them away. You can work with a professional to strategically lay netting so the birds don’t have access to the area they were roosting on. You can also install pigeon spikes, which are essentially spikes you place where the birds are roosting; they won’t want to sit on the spikes so will find somewhere else to go. It is also possible to install a track that is electrically charged that will give the birds a shock if they land, encouraging them to leave.

    Don’t Waste Money On Repellents
    While deterrents that physically stop birds from roosting or entering an area will work, the vast range of available repellents typically won’t. Most of these are scare devices like streamers, fake snakes, fake owls, and colorful pinwheels. None of these methods will actually scare away the birds since they know they aren’t a predator. In fact, wildlife professionals can tell you countless stories of pigeons roosting on top of these scare repellents. Unfortunately, playing a recording of a hawk or using a sound device with a high frequency won’t work either.

    How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers
    As a general rule, loud noises aren’t going to keep most birds away, but woodpeckers are an exception. An effective option for these particular birds is to get a motion sensor linked to a noise machine that will make a loud noise whenever activated. Woodpeckers also tend to be scared away by sounds of a woodpecker or other bird in distress mixed with those from a bird of prey. Keep in mind, however, that these methods don’t typically work on other types of birds. Woodpeckers have even been known to leave due to realistic versions of the decoy owls almost no other bird is afraid of. Realistically, however, your best choice for dealing with woodpeckers is to offer them another source of food away from your home, such as dead logs or bird seed.

    How To Get Rid Of Canadian Geese
    Another common nuisance bird that requires particular tactics is the Canadian goose, which can make a huge mess and can attack if threatened. In this case, your focus should be getting rid of their food, provided that is an option and you aren’t living on a farm. During part of the year, geese actually become flightless, at which time you can use a cannon net to catch large quantities of them and move them.

    Because of the risk of geese becoming aggressive when threatened, however, it is best to leave this to the professionals unless you want to risk being bitten – and have the tools necessary to move a dozen or more geese to a new location. The other challenge is that geese have strong homing instincts so the area you move them to has to be very appealing in terms of food and water. Even so, there is no guarantee they won’t return.

    How To Get Rid Of Birds In The House
    Discouraging birds on your property is one thing, but if there is a bird inside your home, you want to take immediate action. In the case of larger birds or those of a predatory nature, just leave your home and call a professional right away. Otherwise, you can try putting all pets and children in another room and closing all doors within the home so the bird is limited to a specific area. Close and cover the windows in this area with the exception of one. Open this window wide and turn off interior lights. Eventually, the bird should leave out the open window. If necessary, use a sheet to gently guide the bird towards the window.

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