Do squirrels chew on electrical wires? Why, and what are the risks?

There have been numerous cases when people have found out that their electrical wires have been chewed by squirrels or other rodents. Even though other animals may chew on wires from time to time, squirrels are known to be the main culprits of this behavior. The following are some reasons why squirrels may decide to chew on electrical wires.

Control of the growth of their teeth: just like other rodents, squirrels may have a hard time when it comes to controlling the length of their teeth and the speed at which these teeth grow. There are some disadvantages for the animals to have long teeth. Chewing can be hard when their teeth are too long, and this is one reason why they chew on the wires constantly – to reduce the growth of their teeth.

To make their teeth stronger: because squirrels are normally herbivorous, they should have a set of strong teeth so that they will be able to feed on harder grains. They will therefore chew on the electrical wires to strengthen their teeth.

To sharpen the teeth: it is difficult to chew on hard grains or plants using blunt teeth. This is the reason why squirrels may sharpen their teeth in order to slice into plants or cut grains. In order to sharpen their teeth, the squirrels may grind on the hard surface of electrical wires.

Chewed wires may be dangerous and there are some hazards this could expose people to. Naked wires may lead to electrocution. Electricity is a notorious cause of fires in houses and other buildings, and people with flammable materials such as wood or clothing near the chewed wires may be exposed to dangerous fires. You have to ensure that the electrical wires have been covered in strong materials such as steel and kept away from any potential flammable materials. When you find out that you have wires that have been chewed on, you have to replace them as soon as possible.

A blackout can happen when the wire has split and the electricity fails to pass through. This can lead to power shortages and a total loss of power. These wires will obviously need to be replaced to restore service. When you find out that you have squirrels in your attic, you should learn how to quickly and safely remove them to avoid such problems.

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