Will a pest control company remove a squirrel?

The regular pest control company is not able to handle wildlife since its typical focus is to eradicate insects, and they normally use the poison control method to achieve this. They may also be called to eradicate mice and rats, and they may use other methods to capture and/or kill these rodents.

Dealing with large animals like raccoons or squirrels is something different from the insect pest control, and it should be dealt with by a professional like a wildlife trapper who has enough knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with the wild animals. You are not able to use devices or a magic spray meant to handle insects to large vertebrate. The animals have to be removed by hand and not by using a spray solution only. You should also not call a regular exterminator so that he can give you advice on the company to call since they may recommend a company just so that they can get a cash kickback. You have to do your own research when it comes to hiring the wildlife professional.

Some companies may have two different branches where they deal with pests and wildlife removal, but it is probably best to choose a company whose sole focus is removing wildlife such as squirrels in order to get the best service.

Using poison is not the solution for a wildlife problem because the poison is meant to work for insects only. This works because they are very small and the special poison has been developed so that it may wipe out the entire colony of the insect. No poison has been registered yet to target wildlife except for rodents like rats or mice. If a pest control company tries to use any of these poisons to get rid of a squirrel, it may not be very effective. It could leave the squirrel sick instead of dead, or a dying squirrel could find a place to hide in the house and only be found when the very unpleasant smell of its decaying body reveals where it is. The best way to deal with wildlife such as squirrels is to ensure that they are removed by hand and that their entrances are sealed to avoid future infestation. A wildlife trapper will be able to handle this much better than a pest control company.

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