Do more squirrels live in urban areas, or wild areas?

To a squirrel, a car is the same as an attic or a house. A car provides shelter from the elements and also from many predators. A car has great seats that can be ripped apart and the stuffing used for magnificent soft and warm nests for the litter. It is a place to hide and to safely raise the babies. Even food can be hidden in a car. If the car is there for safekeeping because it is not being used, especially in a garage, then the squirrel mom has hit the jackpot for the reason that no one will upset her for a very long time. Today, the world is slowly changing and things aren’t as they once were in the past. In the past, the only place you could spot a squirrel was up in a tree or in the countryside minding its own business.

In comes man. With so many ideas about development and the establishment of different residential areas so as to cater for the growing human population, we have slowly encroached on the land that once belonged to the wild animals alone.

Encroachment in the natural habitat of the squirrels has led to the displacement of the animals. Today, more squirrels live in the urban areas than in the wild areas. This is the reason as to why squirrel human conflict has become an everyday topic today.

With nothing else to do, the wild squirrels have become friendly with humans and sometimes they rely on us for food and survival. When they are ready to have babies, they come into the human homes and create their nests there so that they can be able to raise babies in safety and warmth.

Squirrels love humans because they provide them with all the basics that are needed in life. This includes shelter, food, warmth, security and so on. Many people today have to share their homes with squirrels because the populations seem to go up all the time.

The reason as to why the squirrels population seem to be going up with each day that dawns is due to the fact that the animals give birth to a liter of five babies twice every year,. With the lack of predators, the squirrels are destined to thrive. Squirrels are pretty smart too and they are able to avoid danger in a few quick moves.

The fact that the squirrel can adapt so quickly has also led to its success within the urban centers. The diet of the squirrels is very vast and the animal eats whatever is available.

It is no longer strange to see squirrels in urban settings. The trick is to squirrel proof your home so as to avoid a conflict.

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