How to Get Rid of Alligators

If there is something you do not want in your property is an alligator. In addition to not wanting this predatory pest, knowing how to get rid of one is a very difficult challenge and even terrifying for many. They can be extremely dangerous to you or your household pets and unfortunately they may have been attracted to your property because of your pets. They have some of the strongest bites as far as wildlife is concerned so one bite from an alligator can inflict a lot of damage on the victim. The alligator is exclusive to a certain area of the country which is mostly the south east and the Gulf States. They will live in areas close to the water, in fact the Florida everglades are prime habitat for the alligator. If you live in any of those areas the best measure is prevention for keeping these large reptiles away.

If you live close to an area where there are alligators you may want to think of a fence surrounding your property. Unfortunately there are some areas where you cannot have a fence in the front of your property, but that does not mean that you cannot have one at least for the back yard. Fencing a pool area is also a good idea, not only does it keep alligators out, but it can also protect children and pets from an accident by the pool. Other than a fence there really is not much that you can do as far as repelling them from entering your yard. But a good fencing system will keep alligators out at least of the area protected by the fence. Also make sure to keep your doors closed when you are home; there have been cases when an alligator has entered a house while the door was opened. That is not a surprise you want to find in your kitchen.

Do Not Try This At Home
The best tip you will ever get when dealing with an alligator in your property is to never try to do the job yourself. As stated before, alligators are not like other types of wildlife that anyone can capture and release somewhere else. They are extremely dangerous, large and sometimes very aggressive and someone without experience should never try to capture an alligator themselves. A wildlife expert will take every single precaution when capturing an alligator and in most cases they will also release it in an area where they will not affect the communities nearby. Even a wildlife control service will have an alligator specialist who has specific training in capturing alligators. These points are important for safety of the people involved and when relocating the alligator, its safety as well. With a reptile of this size and nature it is critical that the alligator is relocated to a sanctuary or an area where it won’t be bothered.

Is There Anything Else That May Work?
There is not much else that can be done, and nothing else should be attempted. Some people may want to shoot an alligator, but in a lot of areas you can get in trouble for it as there are specific laws that protect wildlife. You should never try this option, especially when there are people who can remove an alligator without harm to you or the alligator. Repellents are completely useless and will not work with alligators so don’t even bother. Remember that the place you now call home was previously alligator habitat, so although we may think as an alligator invading our homes it is the other way around. Respect the alligator and you will be safe.