Mouse Traps - Which Type is Best?

Analysis of different designs and brands of mouse traps focusing on effectiveness.

When it comes time to get rid of mice on your property, there are multiple traps available to choose from. While all claim to be effective, some work better than others, so take a closer look at your choices to discover which type of trap is the best. Of course, you can also just leave the mouse removal to a professional and let them select the trap.

Snap Traps
When most people think of mouse traps, they picture the traditional snap traps. While they used to be made solely of wood with metal, you can now also find plastic ones. The snap trap is a classic and regularly agreed to be the absolute best type of trap to use when catching mice. Using a snap trap is humane since the mouse will die instantly, meaning it won’t suffer at all like it would with a glue trap or some of the other types mentioned below. They work reliably, are affordable, and can even be reused.

Glue Traps
Glue traps are somewhat controversial in the industry, but few reputable professional pest removal experts will suggest them. That is because they are both ineffective and inhumane compared to other options. Glue traps are essentially boards with glue on them with the idea being that they will catch the mouse when it walks over the trap. Eventually, the mouse should die from the elements, dehydration, or starvation. Assuming the trap works correctly, letting the mouse die slowly like this is certainly inhumane.

To make matters worse, every pest control professional can tell you stories of mice escaping the traps but leaving fur – or even a partial limb in some cases – behind. In that scenario, you are likely to still kill the mouse, but it will die somewhere else from blood loss, a painful death. You will then have to find the carcass before it rots and attracts flies. Instead, just skip glue traps.

Electronic Traps
A newer type of trap on the market is an electronic one. These are incredibly simple to use and work by electrocuting the mouse. They should theoretically kill the rodent instantly and will be reusable. They are, however, more expensive than snap traps. Even so, they are a fairly reliable alternative.

Live Traps
If you don’t want to kill the mice, your best bet will be a live trap of some sort. There are traditional cage traps and variations designed for mice that can hold several dozen rodents. They are easy to use, but realistically, the rodent is unlikely to survive in the location you relocate it to. Because of this, most professionals suggest snap traps.

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Mouse Traps - Which Type is Best?