How to Get Rid of Spiders

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted Spiders.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders
Just because you understand that spiders are an important part of the ecosystem, that doesn’t mean that you want to see them in your home. Many people are afraid of spiders and even if you aren’t, you probably don’t like them. The good news is that there are some reliable methods of getting rid of them, other than just killing them on sight or taking them outside whenever you see one.

Vacuum Your Home Regularly
There are multiple benefits to vacuuming your home regularly, both in preventing spiders and getting rid of them. This is because the first step to controlling spiders is keeping your home clean and removing insects or other pests that can attract spiders. Since those insects are attracted to leftover food particles, sucking those up gets rid of the spiders’ food source, discouraging them. Additionally, whenever you vacuum, you will instantly get rid of spiders as well as their webs and egg sacs. Don’t worry about the spider suffering; getting sucked up by the vacuum will kill it instantly. When vacuuming, remove all spider webs you see, no matter how old they are.

Get Rid Of Flies
In addition to vacuuming up any food crumbs that could attract flies and therefore the spiders who eat them, take other steps to reduce the number of insects in your home. When the number of these pests goes down, the spiders won’t have a food source and will leave. A simple method of lowering the number of bugs in your home is to make sure there are screens on all of your windows. Reducing the lights you use or their intensity can also reduce the number of bugs you attract onto your property, which in turn attracts spiders. If you need the bright lights, make sure they are far from your windows and doors so the spiders are less likely to go inside after spinning their web or having a meal. If necessary, work with a pest management or removal company for additional methods and advice.

Get Rid Of Exterior Hiding Spots
When spiders are in your home, this typically indicates that something about the exterior of the building attracted them in the first place. Do what you can to make your property’s exterior as unappealing to spiders as possible. Start by getting rid of sheltered spots like compost piles, wood piles, or excess rocks. Look at your crawl space, storage areas, and shed to make sure there are no cardboard boxes or other debris that spiders may hide in.

Seal Up Entry Points
There will always be a handful of spiders outside your home, but if they can’t get inside, they won’t pose a problem. All that requires is ensuring that every single point of entry is sealed. This means caulking up any cracks in the foundation of your home, putting fitted screens on all windows, sealing around windows, and adding weather strips and sweeps to the doors. Assuming you have a garden, the spiders will simply go there instead of into your home, helping control the pests that could actually harm your plants.

Use Spider Traps
You may not realize it, but there are actually glue traps that can catch spiders in addition to the ones designed for cockroaches and rodents (which by the way, don’t work for rodents and are inhumane in that case). Just lay these traps throughout your home, targeting specific areas that spiders love like the attic, corners, and baseboards. Just make sure that you don’t place any traps in an area that your children or pets can reach as they can pose a potential danger to them.

Use Spidercide
Spidercide is just what it sounds like, an insecticide that is designed to target spiders in particular. Before using an insecticide, carefully read its instructions and safety precautions and follow instructions. Try applying these products to the areas that spiders breed, like the garage, attic, basement, and corners. While wettable powders and slow release formulas work well against spiders, foggers that release everything instantly are less effective. As always, be sure not to use insecticides by food or areas that children or pets may encounter. The safest method is to leave the use of these strong chemicals to a professional since they will know how to use them for the best results while preventing any adverse effects to people and animals.

Try Natural Repellents
There are also a range of natural mixtures that claim to get rid of spiders and prevent them in the first place. While these have varying results, there is typically no harm in trying them as they don’t pose a health risk or hurt the planet. Two common ingredients in these natural repellents are vinegar and peppermint oil, which can be used together or separately. Some people also suggest using other essential oils like tea tree, neem, lavender, or citrus essential oils.