What are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage?

Squirrels will go so far as to fetch nesting materials into a home. If an access route isn’t large enough to fit into, they’ll formulate it so. Yet, there are way to repel squirrels from your yards and your homes. When dealing with squirrels, you can feel so frustrated and you may feel the need to just kill them and be over with the issue. However, there are some things you should know before resulting in this. There are also people who trap the squirrels and then want to kill them while in the cage. This isn’t always the best idea. Live trapping is the best option and after this you can relocate the animals to a place far away from your property. Squirrel proofing your home is also another way of ensuring that the issue doesn’t recur again should the pesky creatures find their way back.


You should never resort to poisoning squirrels regardless of how disturbing they can be. When in a cage, poisoning is just inhuman and should never be done. There are people who opt to lace the bait with poison so as to make disposal of the animal much easier.


It is important to check the local laws regarding shooting the animal. This may not be legal in your locality. Shooting comes with its own danger because you will have to deal with ammunition and firearms. Shooting squirrels even if they are in a cage isn’t a great idea. Many of the cages are made of steel that is galvanized and this means that a bullet that is misaimed could very easily ricochet and cause a more serious issue. Also, you may just end up maiming the animal if you don't get a clean shot the first time.

This method should only be applied by people who have experience using firearms so as to ensure professionalism. You need to confirm that this is actually legal in your area.

Glue boards

This is where a board which has glue on it is used and the animal steps on it, it gets stuck. The more the animal struggles the more entrapped he becomes.

Other methods include snap traps, freezing, gassing, drowning, and asphyxiation. If you review all these methods, each has great disadvantages and none can be considered to be totally humane. The best thing is to live trap the squirrels and relocate them.

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