Is it legal for me to trap a squirrel?

When it comes to killing or trapping squirrels, the legality will differ from one place to the next. In most areas however, one is not permitted to kill squirrels. You may find that some places actually do allow the act.

Trapping of the squirrels is also governed by laws and it is important that you find out what they are before you start engaging in the act. There are also some trapping methods that some areas will allow while others are totally against it. This means that the legality of trapping squirrels will depend on the location that you are in currently. You should go to the local authorities and get more details regarding the rules surrounding squirrel trapping in your area.

The reason as to why it is so important to stay within the law is due to the hefty fines that are usually imposed on people who break it. Some areas actually fine you even when you kill the squirrel accidentally. It is also illegal in some places to kill an animal by using a trap. Therefore, in most parts of the world, using a lethal trap on squirrels can actually land you in serious problems.

The squirrels are well-known to put up their nests out of stuff like leaves, dried twigs, scraps of cloth and hair. Get to know your laws well and avoid the things that aren’t allowed. If it is illegal to kill or trap squirrels in your area, you will need to get in touch with the authorities so as to get a solution if at all you feel the squirrel issue is too much and needs to be handled. So don't trap a squirrel unless you have the laws on your side. If you need certification, you should go ahead and do it. Also, if only specific bodies are allowed to handle the issue, then they need to be contacted si as to handle an infestation.

In many parts of the world, using live traps is allowed. This is because the live trapping is a very humane way of dealing with the squirrels. When live traps are used, the animal will not struggle while in there. Most areas accept live cage traps as a means of eliminating squirrels from property. Squirrels are not known to be harmful animals as long as they stay in the trees only!

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