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How to Get Rid of Pests - Bat Removal Information

How to Get Rid of Bats

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Though bats may be a misunderstood creature and the victim of misplaced phobias they are not something that you want to have in your house. Keeping them close to your house however is not a bad idea especially if you have a bug infestation because bats will combat those bugs. The problem is when there are too many bats or they make a home in your attic or barn and that is when you start considering the benefits of having the bats around against the negatives which can be a lot if they are in your house. You have to first understand what brought the bats to your house and then what to do to make it so that they leave of their own accord. So take a few minutes to understand these misunderstood flying mammals.

Why Your House: Bats are like every other creature in the planet. They will want to be close to the place that makes their survival easier, and when your property offers what a bat needs to survive it will gladly become the uninvited guest that never leaves. In order to get rid of your hospitality you have to know what bats like in their habitat. Bats will choose a place that keeps them away from nasty weather and that is quiet and dark enough for them to feel safe. If they are in a place where they are not reached by predators they will make a home there. They also like places with lots of vegetation, preferably fruits. Unlike the urban legend, only a few bats will feed on blood, most of them will prefer fruit any day. They will also choose protected areas where they can breed. This makes lofts of barns and garages, attics and other lofty, dry places ideal.

Capturing Bats: Usually if a bat makes its way into your house there is no need to catch it. All you will have to do is seal the room where the bat is and open a window. Give it a few hours and it is very likely that the bat will already be out of the house. If the bat is still there you may want to consider professional wildlife removal as the safest alternative. Bats are known to carry rabies and other infectious diseases and if a bat isn’t finding a way out there’s a good chance it could be sick. If you still decide to do the job yourself it is possible but all precautions must be taken. Never try to capture the bat with your bare hands as that is just asking for trouble. Instead use heavy gloves to grab and quickly release outside of the house. If you prefer you can use a box or container to trap the bat, but always use protection on your hands.

A Couple Of Tips: Bats are useful creatures so you may not want to get rid of them completely, but you will want them out of your house and living area. They will leave behind large amounts of scat where they decide to live and this can be very harmful in many ways. To remove them, find the entry point that the bats are using to get into your house. It is also a good idea to consider when to remove the bats. Remember that these are creatures that hibernate and they do so for a reason, there is not enough food for them in the winter. To get them out in the winter means that they will probably die unless a new location is found. A catch and release wildlife service will best accomplish this if you need to get rid of the bats in wintery conditions so you should keep their number handy. Also keep away from bat droppings, because inhaling the fumes can make you sick.

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