How to use a one-way funnel to get squirrels out of a building

When the squirrels decide to invade a human’s home, it turns out to be a serious matter. The squirrels may squeeze within small gaps or holes, or they may chew their way into the house. They can set up nests in the attic or in the walls. One of the best ways to get rid of squirrels out of your home is by using he one way funnels. You need to know that this method may not entirely solve your problem because new squirrels may move in so as to replace the old ones once the space becomes vacant.

When you find the squirrels in the attic, the most probable thing is that there is a nest of babies up there. If they are chewing, simply excluding them doesn’t make the situation any better since the new ones will still do the same. The situation is a lot more complicated than just getting the doors and honestly, the method isn’t always the best for the beginners.

Usually, the one way doors will be mounted directly to the building and right over the hole that is being used as an entry and exit point. The device needs to have wings or flanges at one of the ends so as to make it easy to mount it to the building. It also needs a torsion spring one way door that leads into the cage. This is the best way to remove the squirrels instead of using he traps which may catch animals that are either targeted or accidental ones.

The first thing you need to do is to find all the entry holes that the squirrels are actually using and seal them all except one,. Usually, you should leave the one that seems to be larger than all the others as it may mean it is most frequently used. After this is done, you should install the one way trap on the entry point and wait for the animals to be caught.

The one way funnel may be used if the animals cannot be able to get back in using other ways. If you have totally squirrel proofed your home, you can use the one way funnel without necessarily adding the trap. If there is the possibility that the squirrel will be able to chew its way back in, then this is not the best method to use.

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