Will repellents get a squirrel out of the chimney

Squirrels are not known to be harmful animals as long as they stay in the trees; however, they may become destructive or health hazards when they decide to invade a human’s home. The squirrels may squeeze within small gaps or holes, or they may chew their way into the house. They can set up nests in the attic or in the walls. When you have a squirrel stuck in the chimney, you need to determine where the squirrel is specifically. It can be in the primary flue or it can be in between the insulation metal within the flue which is a very common place that the squirrels fall into. You may climb a ladder so as to inspect the cap and see how it actually fell in.

When it is in the outer or inner flue, you need to lower a rope made of sisal with a weight at the end. You should then wriggle it so as to get it to the bottom and then give the squirrel time to get out.

When the squirrel is within the regular flue, you need to make a determination of whether it is actually stuck or if it is just there to live. It may actually be able to move in and out as it pleases. If you realize that it is stuck, you need to open the damper so as to allow it to get out or use a rope so as to help it climb out.

If you realize that the squirrel isn’t stuck, then the normal methods that are applied for trapping and exclusion should be applied.

You may also think of using repellents and the only one that may actually work is the eviction fluid. However, you need to realize that the effectiveness of other repellents have not been proven to work. Also, if the animal is actually stuck in the chimney, no form of eviction fluid or repellent will be able to work since the animal is already desperate and can’t be able to move.

Knowledge on the best way to handle the chimney situation is very important. This is because you will be able to know the best way in which to deal with the issue at hand and avoid methods that will hurt the animal such as trying to smoke it out. Patience is key to removal. You also need to determine whether there is a nest within the chimney and then bring the babies to safety.

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