How to Get Rid of Stray Dogs

In some rural areas populations of stray dogs can become a serious problem. Without really doing much you can attract stray dogs to your property; they can also be more than an annoyance, they can be dangerous. Stray dogs can carry diseases like rabies and can also leave droppings everywhere. They may be attracted to things that you may have been leaving out like food for your other pets, or trash, or you may have gotten them to your house with all the good intentions in the world of simply feeding a stray or lost animal, but eventually you may realize that you need to get them away from your house. You have a few options for how to accomplish that goal. Here are a few solutions to get you started down the path of living a life free of stray dogs.

Stop Feeding Them
If you have been feeding stray dogs intentionally or unintentionally by leaving some sort of food that they can get to then you must stop it. It sounds a bit harsh but stray dogs are very independent and they will be able to find another food supply whether it be rodents or some other critter. Simply remember as long as there is a buffet at your house they will come to enjoy it. If you leave garbage outside overnight that is a big mistake when you want to get rid of stray dogs. If you must leave garbage outside make sure that the container has a lid that will not come off if the dogs push it or knock it down. If you have other pets then do not keep the pet food. Either feed your animal inside the home or garage.

Animal Control
In many cases stray dogs are a prime reason to call animal control. If left unattended long enough they may start to form packs. If these packs go hungry long enough your trash or pet food won’t be enough; they may start picking off outdoor cats or smaller dogs even. There are good things associated with this option, though. It’s important that you consider not all dogs picked up by animal control are euthanized. Remember that a lot of these ‘new’ stray dogs may at one point have had an owner. Those dogs can be rehabilitated in some instances and they can find a new home. Of course that is the best case scenario. Another thing that can happen is that the animal control office in your area may have spay and neuter programs. Those programs help keep the canine population down and that is a good way to prevent future stray dogs. Some programs will release a dog after it’s spay or neuter operation is done. You should also keep in mind that there are some that will euthanize the dog if they consider that adoption is not an option. These cases are mostly left to those animals that are far too aggressive or problematic for proper rehabilitation.

Non Kill Shelters
If you want to avoid the euthanizing of one of these stray dogs you can do research on non-kill shelters. There are a few of them, and sometimes they will pick up the dog from your area and take it to the shelter. More than likely you may have to take the dog in yourself. If you have been feeding the dog then it may be easy to take it in as there may be some trust from the dog. You can use a cage like the ones that are sold in pet stores. If you cannot be sure of the dog’s reaction do not try to trap it yourself, instead call a professional.

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