How to Get Rid of Honey Bees

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted Honey Bees.

How To Get Rid Of Honey Bees
Most people don’t want to have to deal with honey bees in their home or on their property in general, even if these insects are a key part of nature. While pees help pollinate flowers and more, there is also a risk of getting stung by one so you definitely want to keep them outside, especially if you have pets or young children who wouldn’t know to stay away. You will be happy to know that there are multiple ways to get rid of honey bees, varying in effectiveness.

Know They Are Honey Bees
There are actually multiple types of bees, including honey bees. Honey bees are not known to be aggressive, but their nests tend to be heavy with thousands of workers. They are also the only type of bee where relocating them from your home is the ideal way to deal with them. Keep in mind that bumble bees will typically nest in loose and fluffy materials and are only aggressive when threatened while carpenter bees tend to be solitary although larger groups can destroy surface wood around them.

Timing The Methods
When it comes time to get rid of the honey bees, you will want to take care of the hives after the sun has set. This is ideal as these bees are diurnal, meaning they are active at night and you don’t want to risk being stung.

Safety Precautions
Anytime you plan on dealing with the bees or their hives, you should always put on bulky clothing for a layer of protection. Cover as much of your skin as possible to minimize the exposed areas that can be stung.

How To Get Rid Of Honey Bees In The House
When the honey bees are in your home, you will want to act quickly to get rid of them before they pose too much of a threat. The ease with which you will be able to eliminate them depends on if the hive is exposed. If it is exposed, you are in luck. Put on your protective clothing then spray the hive using pesticide after dusk as this reduces the chances of being stung. At dawn, pay attention to the hive and spray it again the following day at dusk if you need to.

Once you are positive the bees are dead, remove the hive so wax or honey doesn’t melt and damage the walls or encourage a future infestation. If the nest isn’t exposed and is hidden in the walls, you will need to hire a professional. Never plug a hive’s entry point since the bees will simply search for another route, likely into the living areas of your home.

How To Get Rid Of Honey Bees In The Car
Depending on where in your car the hive is, you may be in for a challenge when it comes to remove it. Always put on protective bulky clothing and do your work at night. Because of the numerous hiding spots within your car and the risk for damage to your vehicle, it is best to leave getting bees out of the car to experts, either bee removal experts or beekeepers. Remember that even just turning on the motor or driving may agitate the bees, leading to the potential for stings.

How To Get Rid Of The Hives
Even if you are sure all of the honey bees are gone, you need to remove the hive as well. This will get rid of any dead larvae, which would otherwise decay and lead to a smell. It also stops new colonies from taking over the old nest. Removing a honey bee hive is very similar to removing an empty one from any other type of bee. Be sure it is empty than knock it off the visible surface. In the case of wax hives within the walls, you will need to open up the wall enough to break apart the comb and remove it in pieces. You can also sometimes use a vacuum to help you remove dead bees from hives in walls before sealing up openings with caulk.

Contact A Professional
When it comes to removing honeybees, there are two types of professionals you can hire. Beekeepers will likely be more than willing to come take your bees away from you and keep them alive, which can help the planet since healthy honeybees are getting harder to find. If this isn’t a possibility or time is of the essence, then hire a pest removal professional with experience dealing with bees. They may be able to physically remove the insects instead of killing them. While that is ideal, it is not always an option and something you should not try yourself. Remember that you may need to make some home repairs after a professional gets rid of the bees for you, particularly if the hive was in the wall. Take care of these right away to prevent future infestations.