How to Get Rid of Brown Widow Spiders

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted Brown Widow Spiders.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Widow Spiders
Most people know about black widow spiders but may or may not be aware that brown widows even exist. They are very closely related to the highly dangerous black widow spider and their range has been growing, making it more important than ever to know how to get rid of brown widow spiders. The good news is that you won’t die if you are bitten from by a brown widow, although unfortunately they do prefer to live in areas with people and are still poisonous.

How To Tell It’s The Brown Widow
Before you can take action against the brown widow spider, it is good to know that this is definitely the arachnid you are dealing with. While the methods of getting rid of it are similar to that of other spiders, you want to be sure you aren’t dealing with black widows or another more dangerous species.

Brown widows are medium to large in size and have multiple brown shades on their body. The top is typically striped with brown mottling on the bottom, frequently with red markings. Their webs are tangled and sprawling and most commonly found underneath lawn furniture or in dark corners.

Spray Down Outdoor Toys And Furniture
If you are concerned that there may be brown widow spiders on any large toys you keep outdoors or your outdoor furniture, there is a very simple solution. Simply spraying down these items using a hose should be enough to get rid of them. That is because brown widows tend to run instead of become aggressive. As a bonus, spraying down furniture and toys can also get rid of other insects and other spider species.

Use Insecticide With Care
If you are sure that the brown widow isn’t in an out of the way location or you have children or pets around you are concerned about, you shouldn’t leave these spiders alone. The simplest and most effective method of getting rid of them is insecticide, but be careful with its use. You only need a quick spray to kill the spider and using excessive amounts can kill beneficial insects or even put your family or pets at risk. Avoid using insecticides in areas that your pets or young children can reach or by food as a basic safety precaution.

Large Infestations
Since brown widow spiders are dangerous, if not as bad as black widows, you should always contact a professional right away if you notice a larger infestation. Taking care of one or two spiders yourself is reasonable, but leave larger groups to the professionals. They will know the safety precautions to take and be able to get rid of all the spiders in a timely manner.

Cleaning Up The Egg Sacs
Just because you got rid of all the adult spiders in the infestation, that doesn’t mean you are done. You also need to clean up the egg sacs or you can find yourself with a repeat problem on your hands. The simplest way to do this is to use a vacuum hose to suck up any egg sacs and then empty out the vacuum a reasonable distance from your home. You can also try to vacuum up the adult spiders and their webs.

Reduce Hiding Spots
A good way to prevent brown widow spiders from coming onto your property in the first place is to get rid of anywhere that they may be hiding. The simplest method is to just go around your home, both inside and out, and reduce clutter. The more junk you have piled in your garage, shed, or attack, the more likely you are to attract spiders. Get rid of wood piles on your lawn and keep everything clean. To be extra safe, if you store items in your garage or other areas that may be accessible to brown widows, put them in airtight containers or ziplock bags. Be particularly careful with items like baseball mitts and roller skates that tend to sit in the garage but not be worn very often; shake them out before use.

Try General Spider Removal Methods
In addition to the above tips specific to dealing with brown widow spiders, you can get rid of this species with any of the methods you would use with any other type of the insect. Stop them from ever getting into your home by ensuring everything is tightly sealed with all screens fixed and any gaps caulked. You can also reduce your exterior lights to limit the insects you attract as these are the food source for the brown widows; without food, the spiders are less likely to visit your property. Keeping your home clean in general will also help by keeping away other pests that the spiders may eat as well as removing potential hiding spots. Of course, the most effective method for more than a few brown widows or any other type of spider will be to let a professional deal with it.