How to Get Rid of Stinkbugs

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted Stinkbugs.

How To Get Rid Of Stinkbugs
Stink bugs are among the most annoying insects to get rid of in your home since there is always a risk that you will end up having to deal with a horrible smell. The stink bug gets its name from the foul odor released when they are threatened or disturbed, which they use as a natural defense in the wild. Unfortunately, that smell tends to linger inside, clinging to anything the bug touches. During the winter months as temperatures drop, stink bugs may head indoors in search of a warmer space.

Block Entry Points
The most effective method of keeping stinkbugs out of your home is to make sure there is no way for them to get inside. A physical barrier will be a long-term solution that protects your home from stinkbugs and other pests. Because of this, you should always make an effort to keep up with home repairs and do regular inspections to ensure no cracks or gaps have formed.

Only Squash Them If Outside
Because of the smell, you should generally avoid squashing a stinkbug while inside your home, no matter how tempting it is. If the bug is outside, however, and you are concerned about others coming, go ahead and squish several. The odor will actually serve as a warning to the other stinkbugs in the area, letting them know they should leave. In addition to never squashing a stinkbug inside, you should also never touch them; you don’t want their smell to get on you.

Use An Insecticide Outside
Another option to keep the stinkbugs out is to apply an insecticide all around the exterior of your home. This way, you don’t have to apply it inside and risk inhaling the chemicals but will still get the benefits of blocking these smelly insects along with some of their friends.

While insecticides work well at killing stinkbugs outside, they shouldn’t be used inside. The carcasses will continue their odor, attracting other pests into your home that you don’t want to deal with. Additionally, using an interior pesticide by the baseboards won’t actually kill stinkbugs or stop them from coming out this way.

Use Dryer Sheets To Help
Although it may seem odd, rubbing the screens on your windows and doors with a dryer sheet can actually help reduce the number of stinkbugs that get inside. For the best results, choose a dryer sheet that smells very strongly.

Attract Them With A Damp Towel
You can also try catching the stinkbugs plaguing your home’s exterior by draping a damp towel over a deck railing or lawn chair. Wait until morning and you will see stink bugs all over the towel. Dunk it in soapy water and watch the bugs die.

Kill Them With Soap
A simple soapy solution is all it takes to kill stink bugs and only takes minutes to make. Just take a gallon or half-gallon container with straight sides and add a teaspoon liquid detergent or soap before filling it up a quarter of the way with water. Take advantage of the fact that stinkbugs typically drop downward when disturbed and knock them into the bucket from wherever they are perched. They won’t be able to escape and will drown.

Vacuum Up The Stinkbugs
Vacuuming the stinkbugs up is another very effective method at taking care of them. Just keep in mind that after you vacuum them up, your vacuum will smell. Because of this, you should never use a bagless one that is regularly used in your home. Right after gathering the bugs, put the vacuum’s bag in a larger garbage bag that you then seal tightly. If you are careful, you can also try wrapping a knee-high stocking on the exterior of the vacuum tube, securing it using a rubber band, and stuffing it inside. The stinkbugs will get stuck in the stocking without reaching the filter. This way, you just turn off the vacuum, remove the stocking carefully with the end held closed, and dump the bugs in soapy water.

Bring The Bug Outside
It is actually pretty easy to catch a stinkbug with the only potential issue being if they release their smell. They move nice and slowly so you can catch them without much trouble; just be sure to use a plastic bag or something to do so as you don’t want to touch them directly. Alternatively, you can use an empty water bottle to catch the bugs, using the lid as a tool to flick the bug inside it. You can seal it up to contain the smell before putting it outside. No matter how you catch the stinkbug, putting it outside will get rid of your problems at least temporarily and will kill it if you live in a colder area. Keep in mind, however, that more stinkbugs will take its place if you don’t block off the entry point it used and get rid of attractants.