How to get squirrels out of the attic

Squirrels may look so cute and harmless but having them in the attic can be a serious issue for each and every homeowner. It is very important that the problem be handled before it elevates to something more nasty and serious.

Before you even start thinking about removal, you need to confirm that there are indeed squirrels in the attic. The very first signs that there are animals up there are the sound that they make. Usually, you will hear scratching and chirping. Jumping and bumping are also very common sounds as they move within the ceilings.

When your attic has been infested by squirrels, you need not panic since you can be able to handle the situation and bring the sanity back to your home.

One of the ways that you can choose to handle the infestation is to call in the professionals. However, this can be very costly but it can actually save you the nerves, time and the responsibility of relocation. Attics are an amazing pale for squirrels to raise their young and so the population can grow really quickly if not handled.

You can also handle the trapping by yourself. With the correct knowledge and tools, you will be just fine. You need to know that these critters may be no less than twenty within a colony and so catching two or three will make no difference at all. They can set up nests in the attic or in the walls. The critters may be attracted to warm and secure places where they may build their nests and have their babies.

First, you need to find all entry and exit points within the attic and seal them out all except one. This is the point where you will place your trap. The squirrels will use the only available route to get out of the attic. This can make catching the invaders a lot easier. If you choose to use traps, make sure you keep on checking them for squirrels that have been caught. Don’t let them stay in there for too long as it is not a very humane thing to do.

The one way elimination funnels are also a good idea. Once the animals get out, they will not be able to get back in. however, be careful with the attic. There may be young ones on there and you should never leave them stranded for any reason at all.

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