What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic?

It is fairly common for squirrels to take up residence in the attic of a home. Critter control companies have the professional solutions that are needed to deal with squirrels that are found in attics, and they can also keep them from entering the house again. Since squirrels may have babies two times each year (in the spring and in the fall), they are always on the lookout for a place where they can find shelter to make their nests. Squirrels may get in the attic through chewing holes from the outside, and they may be able to come in above the gutters or in construction gaps where the dormers meet the roofline. They can get access to the attic when they chew the corners of the trim or any other area that looks weak for them.

Once the squirrels are in the attic, they may cause damage to the attic insulation or they may chew the wires within the attic. What is more significant is the amount of damage that they may cause on the outside of the attic or on the exterior of a home. If litters of squirrels continue to be born, once they grow up they will continue to build their homes in the same attic. When they are not kept under control, they will chew holes in the outside of an attic and at each corner of a house. When the squirrels stay longer in the attic, they are going to create even more entry points.

Squirrels like to climb on houses and they are capable of causing much damage to the outside since they tend to chew on everything from the roof flanges and attic vents to the wood siding and shutters. When they manage to get in the attic or the walls, the squirrels may cause extensive damage in the home, and this includes chewing the wiring and tearing up the insulation.

In order to keep the squirrels away from the house, you have to examine the exterior of the home first and pay attention to the eaves and look for any cracks and holes. You should fill the gaps using hard materials like fiber cement, auto body filler and sheet metal flashing. Taking preventative measures will be much less of a hassle than trying to deal with the squirrels once they get into your home and start causing damage.

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