What to do about a cage-shy squirrel

In this day and age, many people prefer to handle their own issues by themselves. This saves time and money especially when the job is done as it should. Catching a squirrel may look like a very simple job but at times you may actually find that they have become trap shy and they avoid the traps as best as they can.

When you find that the squirrels are avoiding traps, you may think that they are smart and are therefore so hard to catch. However, in most cases, the squirrels aren’t special or super smart. It may be because the homeowner isn’t as experienced to handle the trapping as you would expect. You may be actually using the wrong bait and wrong trap or even the wrong location. A combination of all these issues actually makes the matter even worse. To trap wild animals successfully, you have to appreciate the fact that it is actually a skill and therefore it takes practice and expertise to master.

Professionals usually take years before they can hone their talents in trapping. There are so many variables that exist when it comes to trapping. The infestation and the location will determine the kind of trap that you use. When you consider the factors and position the trap in the correct manner with the right bait intact,. You will definitely have great success.

Novice trappers may actually place traps within the attic in the effort to catch squirrels. Squirrels eat outside and so the traps can be rendered useless. The trap you intend to use should be on your roof just near the entry points. It can also be on the eaves. Bait isn’t as important as the positioning of your trap. When the squirrel attempts to leave the attic, it will discover that it has just entered into a trap through a one way funnel with no way of getting back in. a one way trap usually works very well so avoid the live traps since the squirrels can totally avoid them.

If you are failed to do the task, make sure you contact experts who already have experience in this type of work.

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