Should I ever poison a squirrel?

There are three words that can adequately describe a squirrel and they are persistent, stubborn and agile. If the animals want to be in your home, they will infiltrate it and make a home in there. Getting rid of them then becomes a very difficult thing. This is one of the things that lead most people to trying out poison so as to solve the squirrel problem once and for all.

Squirrels are members of the rodent family and can be a bother year round. They live mainly in trees and procreate in abundance. Although they breed throughout the year, they produce more offspring in the winter and summer. Squirrels survive by dining on seeds, fruits and fungus. When you think of a home, it is a safe haven where you can raise your children and shelter them from all the elements. This is where you have food and water to nourish the family. These are also the things that the squirrels need especially when they are thinking about making a family or to just survive. This is why you find them nibbling and biting through just about any material so as to get in. when squirrels want to get into your home, they do so using any means possible.

When they are within their natural habitat, the squirrels are very beautiful creatures and you can admire the climbing abilities which are really exceptional. The animals have been able to make their way to the urban areas for different reason and this has posed a serious conflict between them and humans. The first instinct is to kill the animals and most resort to poison.

You should never use poison to kill a squirrel. First off, you need to know that there is no poison that is available out there designed specifically for the squirrels. Some of us just end up using rat poison. What you will note is that the squirrels will rarely eat the poison. Sometimes, they may eat it and they may not die. In other situations, the squirrels may actually die from the poison but die in an area which is very hard to reach within your home. If a squirrel dies within your property and you have difficulty locating the carcass, you may have to live with the stench for days as it rots.

Poison is never a solution. There are better ways of handling infestations.

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