What if a squirrel got inside my house

Getting a wild animal out of your house can be a great nightmare. To avoid such a situation, it is always advisable that you make sure that you leave your doors closed at all times. The squirrels can be able to gain entry into your home through different methods and it can then wander off and getting it out may prove to be a real problem.

There are many things that you can do and they may end up scaring the squirrel further into your home and into hiding. There are some tips that can be really helpful in getting a squirrel out of your house. It is very important to note that the animal may be as scared as you are.

When a squirrel makes its way into your home, do not panic. It doesn’t want to be in there either. If you try to run after it with a stick or something, it may actually get more scared than necessary. If the animal feels cornered, it may actually stop and get ready to attack. It can also run deeper into the house and locating it can prove to be very difficult.

Even if the animal looks so harmless like is the case with babies, do not try to touch it. Even baby squirrels can actually bite and scratch leaving notable wounds on you.

If you realize that the squirrel has entered into a specific room, close it. This may be rather difficult in case of an open floor plan. You need to close as many doors as you possibly can without making unnecessary noise. You will be in luck if the animal ends up in a tom that has a door to the outside as you will be able to get it out more easily.

You need to open the outside doors and windows too. The windows and doors can encourage the animal to get out whenever it wants to.

Be sure to separate pets and the squirrel. The dogs and cats should be in another part of your house or away from the house so as to avoid a confrontation that may lead to one or both animals getting hurt. When the house is quiet, the animal may feel confident to leave its hiding place and exit the house.

The critters may be attracted to warm and secure places where they may build their nests as well as have their babies. The squirrels build their nests out of materials like leaves, dried twigs etc and this means that the nests build the area more combustible, particularly if they get into the walls.

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