Should I feed a baby squirrel I found?

Squirrels stash their goods in trees and holes in the ground. The problem with squirrels is that they have turned out to be acclimated to humans. Therefore, living among or with them isn’t an issue in the eyes of a squirrel. They will go so far as to bring nesting materials into a home. When you have found a baby squirrel that has been orphaned, you need to know that it may be suffering from dehydration and chill. It is therefore very important that you warm the bay as best as you can. This is the best way to normalize their bodily functions regardless of whether they are hungry or not.

You should never attempt to feed a baby squirrel without the guidance of a wildlife rehabilitator who is qualified. Wrong feeding methods and diet can be really harmful to babies especially the ones that haven’t been weaned yet. Be very careful with the baby as they are still fragile.

When you have warmed them, start looking for a rehabilitator as they will know what to do with the baby and the best care that can be offered. Wildlife rehabilitators are aware of the fact that the first thing that the baby has to be given is a warmed solution for rehydration. This is the first thing that they should take before they are given any kind of milk formula. If they are offered the formula or any kind of food before they get rehydrated, it can actually be fatal. It can also lead to debilitating diarrhea.

There are the rehydration solutions that you may offer the baby available at the stores but you should only do so after consultation with a professional. It is also better to administer such solutions in the presence of the rehabilitator himself especially when you do not have the right equipment. The best solution should be unflavored. You need to heat the solution and then offer it after 30 minutes if the babies aren’t able to take as much in.

It is also important to monitor whether the babies are rehydrating and this is usually indicated by light yellow urine after stimulation. You need to stimulate the baby after it feeds with some light strokes. When you notice that the urine is a lot, it means that the baby is actually rehydrating.

If feeding is necessary or if the rehabilitate or hasn’t been able to reach you, they may instruct you to use a feeding syringe which can be used orally. It is very critical to control fluid flow which you can only do with the syringe. Avoid the small nursing bottles used for pets.

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