What is the best bait to trap a squirrel

Squirrels are not identified to be injurious animals as long as they stay in the trees; on the other hand, they may turn into disparaging or health hazards when they make a decision to march into a human’s home. The squirrels may press within tiny gaps or holes, or they may chew their way into the house. They can set up nests in the attic or in the walls. When you are planning to trap squirrels, one of the most important aspects of the whole affair is baiting. You will need to have everything ready to go and choose the most appropriate bait that will definitely attract the animal into the trap.

One of the best bait that you can use in the squirrel trap is whole peanuts. This can be left in the shell and they will still work perfectly. Also, peanut butter is a great idea and you can actually use the combination of the two and place it on the pan. If squirrels are stuck somewhere, they need moisture more than they need food and you can use oranges as they have a very strong aroma and they have water.

There are many factors that will affect how successful trapping a squirrel is. So as to ensure that the bait works, you will need to choose the right kind of trap and then ensure that it is set in an appropriate manner. Sometimes you may not even have to use bait because you can use the repeater traps or the one way doors placed straight and the exit hole. In this way, you may not require to use bait.

You should never use poison as that is a very big mistake. Use bait but do not lace it with any kind of poison. The squirrel may eat it and die in a hard to reach area causing a foul smell all over your home. Also, such bait can fall into the wrong hands like those of your children and your pets.

Nuts and seeds can actually work as the perfect bait. Squirrels just love nuts. Don’t even take the shell of and make sure it isn’t salted

It is important that you gather as much information about the squirrels within your home so as to select the best mode of elimination. If they are in the attic, there are chances that they are actually females who are nursing. For this reason, you need to assess the entire space before you can seal it out. Even with relocation, it is humane to have the family together.

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