How to Get Rid of Deer

People who live in the city who hardly ever see deer may see them as beautiful and majestic animals, but for people who live in the country or even some suburbs deer can be pests. It can be difficult to imagine an animal of this size being a pest but there are many areas of a person’s property that deer can destroy. Sure a deer is a beautiful animal, but it can damage your garden in very little time, eating crops you were raising to your family.

Sometimes even fences do not seem to be enough to stop deer. They can also be a danger to anyone driving through the area because deer can cause car accidents. They also spread Lyme disease and if that were not enough they’re presence in your yard can have your dogs barking and keeping you up all night. You may not want to get rid of deer in the country per say, but you definitely do not want them near your house.

There are some natural repellents that will work some times, but if you think that a commercial repellent will fare better, then you would be making a mistake. A commercial repellent will not be any more effective than some of the solutions that you can put together in your own home. A dog can help you in two ways, when a deer comes close a dog can make noise that will scare the deer away. The second way it can help you is by spreading some of your dog’s hair on the garden. That’s right! Your pooch’s shedding may be a blessing after all. This is because the smell of a potential predator can sometimes frighten these animals away. Fences can be effective but they have to be at least 5 ft. tall. Deer are good jumpers and anything less can be cleared by the deer without any trouble.

Row Fencing And Other Methods
The idea of row fencing is to make any jump attempt too hard for the deer to risk it. You want to set up two different fences with a separation of about a foot and a half. Even if a deer thinks that it can clear 5 feet of the first fence it will decide not to go for it once it gets look at the second one. Some people will go for the electrified fence, but that is costly and unnecessary. There is also liquid repellent you can use, and that seems to be somewhat effective. The idea is that it will give a bad taste to the vegetation so the deer will not want it. Still other people suggest planting marigolds as a deterrent. Another popular suggestion is to tie old CDS to string around the garden with the hopes the reflections and flashing will scare them away. Many of these methods do not keep determined deer from eating fruits off of trees or harvesting your garden before you get the chance.

Deer And Other Wildlife
Deer are like other wildlife in the effect they are looking for a quick and easy meal. Therefore the worst thing you can do is feed them, because it does not get any easier than that and they will keep coming back. As long as you never feed them and manage to keep the food sources away from them you should not have the problem for too long. If the deer keeps coming back and negatively affecting your property you can also call a wildlife management agency. They will be able to assist you with either habitat change or trapping and releasing the animal in a new area. Deer are beautiful, but they can also be very destructive.

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