Home remedies to keep away squirrels and get rid of them

Squirrels sometimes look fuzzy and cute, but they are able to wreak havoc in yards. They can eat young foliage and can steal fruit or vegetables. They will also dig up flowers when they are newly planted. The good news is that your home may have some things that can keep away the squirrels in a natural and safe way, and they can protect the yard against such pests. In case you are using a scented repellent, you will have to reapply it after heavy rains since the scent can wear off.

Mint plants and mint oil are commonly used in the preparation of commercial squirrel deterrents. It has a strong scent and it offends the sensitive nose of squirrels and drive the squirrels away from their scented place. You should apply a few drops of peppermint on cotton balls and then scatter these cotton balls around the landscape to repel squirrels and other rodents.

Placing the mint plants in the garden may also discourage the squirrels from foraging in that place. Mint is a perennial that can be planted throughout the agriculture zones, and it can even grow in rough landscapes. It is good to grow the plant in containers so that they do not spread too much, and you can move the containers to the place where you see the squirrel activity.

Apple cider vinegar gives off a pungent and acidic odor that comes from the vinegar. The apple cider vinegar will create a barrier that will ensure that the squirrels are kept outside. When you use the vinegar in order to repel the squirrels, it will work well in an enclosed space like in landscapes, sheds and outdoor gardens.

Repellents to keep squirrels away can work because of offensive odors. Some spices can work as well. Hot peppers and ground garlic cloves are commonly used to chase away squirrels from the garden. After putting together the portions in equal amount, you can sprinkle the mixture in the plant beds. Such scented garlic can deter the squirrels, but when the squirrels get persistent, then the hot pepper may irritate their taste buds.

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