How to scare a squirrel away

Squirrels are very vibrant creatures and if they weren’t in our neighborhoods, they’d definitely be missed. However, these animals can still be a great nuisance especially for people who enjoy bird feeding. This is because they love bird seeds. Also, if you have a vegetable garden, they end up ruining that too and at times they can get into your house and get trapped in there.

If you have a squirrel problem, you may be interested in finding ways to scare them away. There are some ways that can be quite effective and worth a try. Some of the home remedies include:

the safflower seeds are actually bitter and so squirrels detest them. You can use them in bird feeders and once the squirrels eat them, they may not come back for more. It is important to note that these seeds will not harm the birds in any way.

Sprinklers that are motion activated:
for people dealing with squirrels within gardens, this is a very good choice and it works very well. Sprinklers never hurt the squirrels but only scare them off. This is a great way of protecting the garden from squirrel destruction.

Strobe lights:
these are also worth consideration. They don’t bring the squirrel any harm. Strobe lights are quite irritating to the squirrels. When they are fixed in the areas where the squirrels love to hide, they may leave.

Controlling squirrels is the only way you will truly get rid of them. So as the above methods to work, you need to squirrel proof your home and discourage the animals from visiting. You need to remove all sources of squirrel food from your property. If you find a great population of squirrels within your property, it means that they are actually able to access adequate food there. If you have fruit trees in your yard, make sure they are raked up and the trees made impossible to climb. Bird feeders should also be placed in a way that only the birds can access them.

If you have trash cans within the yard, make sure that they have lids that tightly seal them and make sure they stay that way at all times. This way, the squirrels will not be able to access any if the foodstuffs that you may throw away.

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