What to do about a squirrel under the porch

What to do about a squirrel under the porch? It is not as simple as it sounds like. There are number of problems associated with this single statement of finding a squirrel under the porch. When you find squirrels under your porch, then you should be sure that there is something that is attracting them there. The porch is a rather difficult place to handle an infestation and there are some reasons as to why you will find squirrels sheltering there. If you have a porch which is enclosed partially, the squirrels may decide to create a colony especially when you don’t access that area for quite some time.

Squirrels are intelligent and trapping them can be difficult. The best time to handle an infestation under the porch is in spring just before the squirrels start nesting. You can also choose to deal with the squirrels in late fall when litters are already old enough to start life by themselves. Relocate a mother together with her young can be a very tricky affair. Leaving the baby squirrels alone can also prove to be a very risky affair, sometimes seen as a death sentence since they cannot be able to take care of themselves.

You can start by placing repellent under the porch and have a light source bear by. Don’t bring anything with a wire as the squirrels may simply chew it. You also need a radio which you should leave on for some 48 hours or more.

If you want to get rid of the squirrel under the porch, you need to distract it first. Squirrels are usually irritated by repellents and sounds and when you do combine the different approaches, the squirrel may not return to the porch and by this time you need to have seal out all entry points so as to make sure that the animal doesn’t come back again.

You can also set bait within a one door hinged trap. The door gets trapped immediately it gets into the trap. You can use nuts or peanut butter to attract the squirrel into the trap. After the animal has been caught, you can be able to relocate it far from your residence or take it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Don’t leave any materials that can entice the squirrels within your compound. If you do so, you may have to deal with infestations every now and then.

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