How to keep squirrels away from your property

The squirrels might clutch within minute gaps or holes, or they can grind their way into the home. They can set up nests in the attic or in the walls. The critters may be involved to warm as well as secure places where they may build their nests and have their babies. In spite of how good the squirrels appear, you have need of knowing that they can be very worrying and can cause so much trouble for you if they decide to make a home within your possessions. It is therefore very important that you keep them at bay as best as you can and avoid the damage that is usually associated with them. The squirrels can appear to be very calm but can also get very crazy. In case they get into your home, they can ruin the garden and cause damage within the house especially the attic. When they get to your yard, they may start eating flowers, plants and buds or whatever they can be able to get to. It is import ant that you stop the animals from ruing your property. There are many methods that you can use after you get to see damage.

Once the squirrels enter your property, you will notice that the first place that they will infest is the garden. Regardless of the method applied, make sure that you don’t handle them with the bare hands as they can scratch and bite. You can use hot peppers. This can be planted in the soil beds where the pest wants to dig. They will not harm the soil or the plants but they can cause a sensation at the feet and mouths of the squirrels and they may strop altogether

Pruning your trees can also be very helpful. If you have a vegetable garden, don’t have any tree branches hanging. Trim them and this will bring more light to the garden.

Plastic mesh can also be laid over locations where you intend to plant some flowers. This mesh will work as a deterrent as it may hurt the squirrels as they try to dig.

You can also install a reliable fencing. Make sure that the outer perimeter is well fenced, use a fence that has small holes or use mesh wire made of plastic which the squirrels may not be able to climb since it will hurt the paws.

Motion detector sprinklers can also help and they can be used at night or in the morning when the squirrels are up and about.

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