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How to Get Rid of Pests - Skunk Removal Information

How to Get Rid of Skunks

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Skunks may look cute to some, but if you ever had to deal with them you are likely to consider them a pest. You are not alone; a skunk close to your property can make an entire area smell so bad that you will be kept up at night because of it. Not to mention skunks can carry diseases such as rabies. Many pet owners have spent hours trying to remove the musky odor when their dog has been sprayed. So a skunk problem can be one of the worst wildlife problems that you can possibly have. If you are reading this then you may be desperate and looking for a solution. There are a few things that you can do in order to keep these critters away from your property and that are specifically for skunks; because not only are these little animals a pest, they are also very smart.

Keep Away: Skunks are animals that will eat anything that you give them access to, so if you decide to leave the garbage out overnight a skunk will find it. Leaving that amount of food outside is so tempting to a skunk that you might as well leave a map to the garbage close to its den. Take the garbage out the morning it gets picked up and don’t let anyone in your family feed any wildlife, much less a skunk. Pet food can also attract a skunk so if you feed your pets outside make sure that you do not leave any food behind. You can also try to make the skunk feel unwelcomed. There are companies that offer skunk repellent and they work sometimes, but a repellent is mostly a hit or miss. Not all the skunks will find the repellent to be unappealing enough to be kept out of your garden. If the problem is bad enough you can try repellent, but keep in mind that the results may vary.

Scarecrow Technique: Skunks don’t like to be seen; in fact they do most of their scavenger work when no one is around in the middle of the night or really early in the morning. There are two things that you can use in order to scare them away and they both involve motion sensors. The first one is the regular light motion sensor. When a skunk or anything else for that matter comes within range a light will turn on scaring the “would be” uninvited guests. The same motion sensor technique can be used but using a sprinkler system. If there is something that will surprise the skunk more than light it is water. Those two options should help keep skunks away, but like commercial repellents some skunks may be persistent enough to not be deterred by scarecrow techniques.

Have Them Removed: Catching a skunk can be a bit difficult because they are after all smart animals. There is also the problem of the possibility of being bitten by a skunk, so if you decide to trap the skunk yourself you should be extremely careful. There are services that will catch a skunk for you and most of them work in a very humane manner; that means that they will release the skunk somewhere where it cannot come back to your property and where it can make a new home. This option is usually the most effective because you are making sure that the problem does not come back without having to be cruel to the animal. If you decide to catch the skunk yourself there are traps available in some home and garden stores. Some of the best bait is wet dog food and you have to make sure that the traps are placed somewhere that the skunk will be tempted to go to.

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