How well can squirrels climb and jump?

Most people find squirrels pretty entertaining to watch, unless they have invaded your backyard and become a nuisance to you and your family. These rodents are quite unique in many ways – the way they behave, how they eat, their gestation period, and also how they can jump from one place to another. In fact, they have a unique way they can climb up or down trees. They are not only more agile but faster than other rodents that fall in the same group or family. Their grip on surfaces is simply unmatched, and so you can always expect them to climb on almost anything, anywhere, and at any time they wish.

The fact that squirrels have high twitch muscles makes them pretty good at swiveling from any angle without any hassle. Studies indicate that the eastern gray squirrel is better at jumping and swiveling at different angles compared to the others. For instance, the gray squirrel can jump as high as four feet vertically and nine feet horizontally. Most squirrels can jump high with no particular incline change, but it all depends on their age. As a matter of fact, the younger ones do a better job at jumping and climbing on different surfaces compared to the older squirrels no matter what the breed.

In regards to speed, squirrels are quite fast and can go up to 12 mile/hour. This high speed will definitely depend on certain variables and of course it might change based on the present condition. For instance, in case there are obstacles in the way, the animal will be a bit slow compared to when there is nothing obstructing its way. If the animal is hurt, you can’t expect it to be at its top running or jumping capability. Nevertheless, the speed is always high a few weeks after the animal is born.

There are quite a number of interesting facts about how they can climb or jump from one place to another, and this is something worth noting. It is important to know that unlike most rodents, squirrels climb down trees and other surfaces head down – even humans do not do this. They have the ability to rotate their feet 180 degrees, allowing them to change direction quickly in case they lose their grip, are scared, or are playing, and no matter what happens they can’t fall on their back. With these characteristics, these rodents are able to survive in a wide variety of environments.

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