Do squirrels bite?

Squirrels are very common in different parts of the world, and this includes the urban and suburban areas too. There are many different species of squirrels all over the world with the exception of Antarctica and Australia. These animals aren’t accepted as domesticated animals, but many people see these animals every day. It is no wonder then that so many people want to know whether this cute looking animal can actually afflict bites.

Squirrels aren’t known to be aggressive by nature, but they are wild animals and they do defend themselves if they feel threatened. It’s good to appreciate the fact that even our pets can bite at times if they feel like they are in some sort of danger.

You should never attempt to pick up or corner a squirrel. Squirrel bites are however quite uncommon, the bites that are inflicted by them are less than one percent of animal bites. Dog bites are more common than squirrel bites.

When you are feeding a squirrel, it is important that you make sure that you are offering them something that they have within their natural diet, not junk food. It is also not wise to hand feed the squirrels, but if you have to do so, place the food on the palm and make sure that the hand is held flat. Attempting to hold food with the fingers may lead to an accidental bite.

Many of the interactions between humans and squirrels are well intended. However, it is wise to take some precautions before you tend to the animal to avoid bites or coming into contact with pathogens. If you find an injured squirrel, it’s important to seek professional help since some of those squirrels could need expert attention. In case of babies, they react very badly to regular milk and you may end up causing more harm even with the best intentions at heart.

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