What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?

Dealing with a squirrel infestation is a very great idea because these little animals can be very destructive within and around the house. You should never choose to kill squirrels because there are many other ways to deal with an infestation. You need to make sure that you choose the best method of elimination so as to remove all of the squirrels. You also need to be careful with the babies. Never leave them behind.

After the squirrels have been caught, many people are left wondering what to do with them. There are those who try their best to kill or poison them but this isn’t really necessary. The best thing to do is to release them. The squirrels need to be released far away from buildings, residential communities and parks so as to ensure they don’t come back.

If you are thinking about trapping squirrels, it is advisable that you find out more on the laws governing the activity. You need to know whether it is legal to trap and relocate the squirrels in your area since laws differ from one place to the next.

There are some things that you should really think about before you start relocation. You should bring squirrels some five miles from where it was captured. If possible, 10 miles are even better. This is because the squirrels may be able to track their way back and start causing the same issues as before.

The other thing you need to know is that you should never leave the squirrel within a cage for a long time because it is very stressful and it can get dehydrated. Make sure you give it some water when it has been within the trap for quite some time.

When handling the cage, you need to be careful. Don’t dare stick your fingers in the bars and be extra careful as you release the animal. The chances of attack are minimal because it wants to get away but never compromise safety by cornering it. This rarely happens if it’s unprovoked.

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