Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house? Why, and what are the risks?

Squirrels can cause very costly damage to homes since they can chew through anything which is not metal. A squirrel’s front teeth will continue to grow throughout its lifetime. In order to make sure that the teeth are trimmed to the proper length, the squirrels may chew on a variety of items.

Major problems will arise for the squirrel if it does not have anything to chew on for its normal teeth trimming. They can trim their teeth on walnuts, acorns or other coated seeds that are gathered away from the trees, but they may also chew on parts of a house or property and other items as well. They can chew on wood siding, barns, doors, roofing shingles, plastic yard lights, patio furniture and grill covers.

It is good to learn how you can stop the squirrels from destroying your property. You can find many methods that can be used, and it’s most important that you act quickly whenever you find signs of damage to minimize the extent and cost of the repairs. You should not wait until the pesky critters have chewed gaping holes in the side of the home and at the top of the roof.

Squirrels may eat away the siding so that they can get within the home to build their nests. Preventing the squirrels from entering the home is the most practical way to avoid the damage associated with a squirrel infestation.

Squirrels may make bedding materials when they shred the roof or wallpaper or when they tear apart the vent ducts or the insulation on the pipes. If you see wood damage as a result of squirrels in your home, barn or shed, you should use chicken wire and a tin metal sheet to prevent further damage. Squirrel repellent may also be used to deter the animals from making a home on your property and causing damage to the wood in or on your home.

When the damage is too severe and squirrels have made an opening so that they can enter into the home or barn, you have to consider using a live trap to catch and remove the animals away from the property. The key is to act quickly in order to minimize the damage the squirrels can do to your property and the costly repairs that follow.

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