Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on squirrels?

When we have squirrel problems, we often look for the simplest and easiest methods of elimination so as to deal with the issue. There are many methods that can be applied so as to remove the animals but as you will notice, some of the highly advertised methods aren’t as effective as the manufacturers claim.

High pitch sound deterrent machines and bright lights are available in the markets today with the promise that they are your only true solution to dealing with the squirrels. You will need to be very careful before you decide to use any of the two methods because they have been proven to actually work. There are way easier and cheaper methods that you will find very helpful like using one way elimination funnels, trapping and proofing your home so as to make sure that the squirrels will not be able to live there anymore.

The bright light is usually emitted by machines that are built for this purpose. While this can disturb the squirrels for a while, they will eventually get used to it and carry on with their activities as usual. Using the bright lights will only add to your electric bill and the light may also disturb you especially if you have to use it at night. The bright light can attract all sorts of bugs into your property and with these, even more predators may choose to come into your home to feed ion the bugs.

The high pitch deterrent machine usually emits sound that is only audible to the animals. Most mammals adapt to the sound and this includes the squirrels. It is never a permanent solution as you will notice and you should not waste too much time on it.

However, some level of success has been seen with the use of eviction fluid. This is where squirrel eviction fluid is used. It is usually made from the urine of predators and it can encourage the mother with little ones to move them to another place that is much safer. However, there is always a better way to handle the squirrel issue without having to use repellents. The critters may be attracted to warm and secure places where they may build their nests and have their kids. The squirrels are recognized to make their nests out of materials like leaves, dried twigs, scraps of cloth and hair, and this means that the nests make the area more flammable, especially if they get into the walls.

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