How to Get Rid of Flies

An educational guide to help you get rid of unwanted Flies.

How To Get Rid Of Flies
No one wants to have flies in their home as these insects travel around easily and can quickly become a nuisance, whether or not they are getting into your food. Flies can also spread a range of diseases, such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Typhoid. It is possible to get rid of flies by yourself, but as with other pests, you will get the best results by hiring a professional. They will have all the tools at their disposal necessary to make short work of the flies and work with you to remove attractants so flies don’t become a problem again in the future.

Make A Trap With A Soda Bottle
Although not as effective as the methods a professional will use, you can dramatically reduce the number of flies you have in your home with the use of some homemade traps. To make one with an old two-liter soda bottle, start by making sure the bottle is clean. Cut off the top third of the bottle and put something sweet (such as sugar water) in the bottom. Now turn the top bit upside down in a cone shape, putting it on the opening for the larger part. The flies can get in but not out.

Make A Trap With Dish Soap And Vinegar
Another homemade trap is as simple as filling a shallow bowl with apple cider vinegar (to an inch) and adding a tablespoon sugar and fruit-scented dish soap. Either leave it uncovered or cover it with plastic wrap, poking holes for the flies to get in.

Invest In A Light Trap
In the case of larger species of flies, such as house flies, a light trap may be a useful investment. These traps will either kill the flies with an electric shock or trap them on a glue board after being lured in by light. You will want to make sure that these traps are set up in a way that the light isn’t visible outside the home; otherwise, new flies will be attracted. You should also be aware that some of these traps are designed exclusively for outdoor use while others can be used inside or outside; make sure you choose the right one.

Choose Your Plants Wisely
In the case of flies that are posing a problem outside, you can adjust your garden to include plants that these insects don’t like. Some good options include mint, nasturtiums, lavender, bay leaf, and basil. You can also hang bundles of lavender around your home to discourage flies inside.

Use Other Natural Remedies
There are a range of other natural remedies you can use to get rid of some of the flies, although you still won’t see the same results you would from a professional. You can combine cloves with lemon to deter flies. Another option is to put apple cider vinegar in a glass jar and cover the top with a paper funnel. The scent of the vinegar will attract the flies while the funnel prevents them from leaving. You may also get results by placing Eucalyptus oil on cloth or ribbon strips and putting these by windows or doors.

Keep Them Out With Physical Barriers
You will of course find it smarter to keep flies out using a physical barrier than having to go through the effort of removing them. You don’t have to deal with these insects if they don’t have the chance to get into your home so keep windows and doors closed at all times. If you like to have these things open, be sure to fit them with fly screens. This is particularly important by areas where you store waste and in the kitchen.

Take Away Their Food Source
Flies may leave if you take away their food source, but even if they don’t, this will prevent more from coming to take their place. Flies will be attracted to your leftover food items, but they can’t reach them if you place them in airtight storage containers or cover them tightly with plastic wrap. You definitely want to keep flies out of your food anyway as this is how they spread disease. To further discourage flies, make sure there are no other items accessible they may view as food. This means cleaning up any food or liquid spills including crumbs, making sure your waste containers are tightly sealed, picking up pet feces immediately, and keeping pet food safely stored.

Why Professionals Get Better Results
It should make sense that a professional at pest removal will get better results at getting rid of flies than the average person. In addition to their experience, they will use a combination of methods that they have found to be the most effective. This may include fogs, sprays, aerosol mists, electronic fly killers, baits, dusting powders, and recommendations for hygiene and housekeeping.