How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons were at one time domesticated and they were used as a form of communication. Although we have moved on to the internet and cell phones, these domesticated pigeons still depend on humans to survive. They live in close proximity to people and find their shelter and food source from the by-products of city and urban living. Many are able to get plenty of free food from parks and rubbish.

Preventing Pigeons From Settling In
Because the birds want to live near people they are hard to get rid of. One of the best ways for deterring the roosting of pigeons is to make your home and area very undesirable for habitation. Let the birds know that they are not welcome. This can be done several ways such as spraying them with water or making very loud noises every time they come near. Eventually these birds will get the idea that your house is not a good place to live. Sometimes scarecrows or animal decoys, such as black snakes or black crows, will deter the home seeking pigeon. Although this may not be attractive on your property, it does make the environment uncomfortable for these birds. Another great tactic is to have motion controlled water sprinklers that go on when the pigeons land within your yard. Of course you may also be warding away other wanted animals, but most pigeons will leave an area after a while if they feel it is not worth the trouble.

Closer To Home
Pigeons love to roost in high places where they can see everything and avoid their predators. They will live on rooftops, awnings, attics, high ledges, and even window sills. Since pigeons are known for flocking, if you have one or two pigeon’s chances are within a short period you will have several. Since the pigeons have determined that your house is the best place to be, there are some things that can be done to let them know they are not welcomed. These birds like to sit around for long periods and by creating an uncomfortable sitting spot it will send these pigeons on their way. Watch and see where they sit then place some chicken wire, barbed wire, or other uncomfortable items on their resting spot. They will not like being uncomfortable and may decide this is not the place for them. Another thing to do is to eliminate areas where they can nest, such as screening any kind of ledges around the eaves or any cavity that is available. If the pigeons are roosting on your roof edges or near the vents try using a small metal spike strip that is not obtrusive and attaches easily.

Techniques and Exclusions
Trapping pigeons is not always the best way of getting rid of them unless it is just a few. But you would need to take them several miles to actually not have them return. These birds can remember locations of up to one hundred miles. The pigeon’s love of human garbage and therefore it is their main diet so having your garbage and pet food packed away securely will definitely be a deterrent to the pigeon. As long as there is food and shelter and humans these pests will find a home, so making your home undesirable to them is the best way to get rid of the pigeon.

There are bird repellents, but the only one that seems effective for the pigeons is an electronic bird repellent. It is set off by motion and emits an ultra-sonic noise that humans cannot hear and is said to scare the birds off. Watching wherever they land and making them uncomfortable is the best way to get rid of pigeons. It should also be noted that once these birds are gone there will be a great deal of excrement to deal with. Be extremely careful when handling it as the bacteria can be quite harmful.

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