What should I do if I find an orphaned baby squirrel wandering about?

Squirrels look beautiful creatures but on the other hand these cannot be kept as pets for many reasons. There are many squirrels that are taken to the wildlife rehabilitators or care center each year because they have been orphaned or that the mother was relocated without people being aware that she has young pones. It is important to seal up all the denning sites that are available in the home so as to avoid any other animal from coming in and making a home there. Also, you need to take out the young ones to avoid a situation where you are left with young ones who are helpless and defenseless.

If you have to remove animals from the home, you can contact the responsible department within your area on ways in which you can be able to accomplish the activity successfully. There are some areas that require you to have state permits and this means that you have to be a professional in that area.

However, at times you may find an orphaned baby squirrel wondering about. You will have to identify whether the animal is actually orphaned or not before you take any action. Sometimes the mother is just around. However, there are conditions that the baby can be in and they can tell you that all is not well. If the baby is cold, looks sick and rugged, is injured, or is covered with parasites, it needs immediate help.

You need to know that squirrels will often move their young from one place to the other and if they get scared, they may actually drop them. Sometimes, the baby squirrels can also wonder off and eventually get lost. In both cases, the mother will often backtrack and come to retrieve the young ones.

Unless the baby looks really in need, it is best not to interfere. You can stay a distance off and observe what happens. You can leave the squirrel outside if it seems to be perfectly healthy and wait to see if the mother shows up. If you are worried about an attack from predators, suspend the baby in a box as the mother will be able to find it.

If you realize that no one is coming for the baby, take it to a wildlife help center or a wildlife rehabilitator. This will surely satisfy you!

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