How to get squirrels out of the chimney

When a chimney is made of mortar, stone or brick, squirrels will be able to go in and out as they want and in such a case, trapping them and excluding them is a great possibility by using the flue. However, if the chimney is slick metal tube kind of flue, the squirrel may be stuck at the bottom and in such a case, you may have to use the damper to get it out and into the fireplace. When you use this method, you may nab the squirrel using a blanket or a net or you can actually lower a rope down your flue so as to allow the squirrel to get out.

If you realize that there is a squirrel in the chimney, you should never ever start a fire. This will lead to the suffocation of the squirrel especially of there are babies within. The adult may also be able to jump out and enter your house wreaking havoc everywhere it goes.

It is very easy to have a squirrel stuck in the chimney. It can be trapped in a way that it is not able to get back up especially if it took a fall. One of the reasons as to why the squirrels get into the chimney is to avoid adverse weather outdoors. The chimney is a small place but it can be a very dangerous place for the animal to be that would have been the case if it had remained outside.

Squirrels are often the wild animals that you will find in the chimney and this is due to the ability that they have to climb. When the squirrel is inside, the chimney offers a great place that is dry and warm. The squirrel may assume that the chimney is a hollow tree where it can stay during the cold months. Once it falls in, getting out can be a difficult thing.

If you have a squirrel trapped in the chimney, you need to offer it a great way to get out as best as you can. You can throw in a rope. Make sure that the rope has a surface that will be easy for the squirrel to use. Even when the squirrel is really weak, it may be able to climb easily. The critters may be attracted to warm and secure places where they may build their nests and have their babies.

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