Fastest way to get rid of squirrels

Squirrels are colorful and so entertaining in our neighborhoods. However, they can be very destructive, especially if you have a garden or a bird feeder that you truly cherish. They will eat up all the seeds in the feeder and destroy your crops. Other times, a squirrel can be stuck in your chimney or even get trapped in the house. It is important to get rid of the squirrels in the fastest way possible to stop the nuisance and bring back peace and harmony to your home. Regardless of the method you choose to apply, make sure it is humane. To get rid of squirrels you should:

Control them outdoors:
eliminate all food sources that the squirrels may be targeting. The reason why squirrels stick around is because they have access to different things that they can nibble on. Rake up the acorns, berries and nuts that may be on your property. You also need trashcans that can be sealed, especially if they have to be left outdoors. You also need to invest in a trash can that can be sealed tightly and make sure it stays like that all the time.

The bird feeders:
these have to be squirrel proofed. The squirrels can be rather crafty, especially where feeders are concerned. A squirrel guard can be really helpful. Make sure that the feeders aren’t too close to the trees. The area surrounding the feeder should also be kept clean at all times.

if you have a garden, it has to be protected with a good fence. Usually, the squirrels will tear off the vegetables and also dig up the bulbs unless the garden is protected. A wire fence that is buried around one foot in the ground is the best because the squirrels will not be able to dig under it.

Motion detectors:
these can be attached to sprinklers. Usually, the motion detectors will be able to tell when a squirrel is approaching and then the water sprinklers will go on. The sudden gush of water and the noise will definitely scare the squirrels away.

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