Home remedies to keep away skunks and get rid of them

Skunks are known as natural burrowers and they can make some small holes in the yard. They may also dig holes near the home or near other structures to make shelter. The easiest way that you can know that you have skunks around is by their musk. Their spray gland makes a concentrated version of the musk they normally have.

You can find different types of repellents in the market. However, such repellents contain harmful chemicals and they may be poisonous to children and pets if they come into contact with the treated place. Sometimes they are ineffective.

Sprinkle the urine of coyote and dogs near the place where skunks like to be. These sprays can be gotten from the outdoor stores or you can get it from the pet. The problem is that you will have to reapply the urine in 24 hours or it may be washed away if it rains. However, it can be a partial solution to the problem, but you have to install a fence so that you may keep skunks away.

Different home remedies such as ammonia and mothballs can help in repelling the skunk. However, even if the skunks may be sensitive to smells, such methods are not that effective. Besides ammonia may get washed by the drains and it has to be reapplied often.

Natural home repellents such as cayenne pepper can be sprinkled carefully near the entrance of a den and it helps to keep the skunks away. You should remember that it is a method that may require using a fresh application each time it rains, and measures like fencing will have to be put in place.

Citrus, lemon or orange peel can also help to keep the skunks away. You can sprinkle them near where the skunks like to forage and they will keep away from these places. The peels will last for a long time until they start to decompose and they will also repel other pests.

A hot pepper spray can be effective. You may use cayenne pepper to keep away the skunks. You can add yellow onion and jalapeno to it as well.

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