Where do skunks live? Do more skunks live in urban areas or wild areas?

It is a fact that skunks prefer to live in the wild in their natural habitat. However, it is not strange when they make urban areas their home. There are different species of skunks that can be found in various areas across the world. For instance, the striped types have been known to be native to North America while the spotted and hog-nose species are native of South America. On the other hand, the stink badger species is native to the Philippines.

In regard to finding a place to make their home, the striped skunks are not very choosy and can easily make homes in urban and wild areas alike. If water is within a radius of two miles, then there is a possibility you will see skunks around. It is important to note that skunks do not go very far away from their dens, and in most cases they will forage for food within a radius of 1-1.5 miles. As a matter of fact, they can easily adapt to woods, grasslands and open prairies.

In urban areas, skunks can make garages their home as long as the environment suits their lifestyle. Additionally, they are able to live underneath porches, houses, and old buildings. They can either dig the dens by themselves or opt to live in a hole that was abandoned by another animal like a fox. Skunk dens are well lined by grass or hay, making them quite comfortable – a safe haven they can hide away in.

The skunk may create several rooms with a number of entry and exit points for quick and easier movements. One thing about these animals that sets them apart is that they have a high tolerance for humans, and so they can co-exist with mankind unless provoked. In a nutshell, they are defensive and not offensive animals.

The average lifespan of a skunk is 4 years and most are killed as a result of road accidents, shootings, and trappings. They grow fast and within 60 days the mother will start leading the young ones out at dusk and teach them to forage for food. At approximately 90 days old, they are almost fully grown and become independent thereafter. All in all, skunks can live anywhere, both in urban and remote areas, as long as there is food and water.

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