What is a skunk's natural diet?

Skunks are adorable little creatures, but when they burrow within your garden, yard and lawn, it can make an unsightly mess. The worst thing you have to deal with when it comes to a skunk is the odor which is released when they are defending themselves. Skunk spray is one of the most dreaded things by humans, and we always try our best to steer clear of the skunks.

Skunks are actually omnivorous, just like humans. These little creatures feed on animal and plant materials, and they will change their diet with the seasons. They will eat what is readily available and still thrive quite well.

Skunks love to eat eggs, moles, birds, snakes, frogs, salamanders, lizards, rodents, grubs, earthworms and other kinds of insects and larvae. You may also find them eating nuts, fungi, grasses, leaves, roots, and even berries.

In urban settings, skunks may feed on human garbage. Sometimes skunks can actually act as scavengers and they may feed on carcasses that have been left behind by animals such as cats.

For pet owners, skunks can cause a problem, especially with pet food. Pet food can be one of the main attractors of skunks. You may find a skunk trying to find its way to your pet’s food when kept in the garage or the basement. Skunks will also dig up your lawn as they look for worms and grubs.

One of the honeybee’s primary predators is the skunk. Skunks use their thick fur as protection from bee stings. Usually, the skunk will scratch the beehive and then eat the guards that are sent to investigate the disturbance that they are causing. This is a behavior that even the younger skunks are taught very efficiently by their mothers.

Skunks will also feed on different kinds of insects whenever they are available. The skunk will feed on crickets, beetles and even grasshoppers.

If you are a skunk owner, keeping one as a pet, it is important to know what to feed the skunk and what not to feed them. Feeding the skunk a healthy diet ensures that it enjoys a long life that is totally healthy. There are companies that offer processed skunk food, but it has never been proven that the food is better than some other options. Getting advice from professionals may give insight on what to feed your skunk.

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