Should I hire a pro or remove skunks myself?

Normally, it is recommended that you should hire a professional when it comes to removing a skunk compared to having to remove it on your own. However, if you follow the right advice of experts, you can be able to remove the skunk on your own. Most people do choose to go with the professional as they are very experienced and knowledgeable.

Many homeowners who choose to do the removal service on their own end up doing things inhumanely or incorrectly. When it comes to removing skunks, you should always consider calling a professional just to ensure that the process is handled efficiently and ethically. Handling wildlife without the right knowledge or experience may be dangerous. People might choose to use poison around their property in trying to get rid of the skunks, but they may end up exposing their pets and their families to different risks.

When a professional deals with skunks, they can take one or two approaches. The preferred approach is installing a one-way door at the entry points so that the skunks can go out but they will not come back in. A second option is live trapping. The expert will snare or trap the animals and then release them into the wild a certain distance away, depending on the rules and the regulations of the city. This may sound easy to do, but it will require extra precautions when babies are involved. A mother has to be removed first and then the babies should be trapped afterwards.

Even if it is recommended that the professionals should be called, it is also good for the homeowners to get tips on how to remove the wildlife on their own. When there is no need to remove the skunks immediately, especially when the mother has babies with her, the residents may wait until the babies grow and leave the property or the home on their own. The people who do this should make sure that all the babies have left with their mother, and this will happen when the young ones have been weaned.

Look into the local legislation regarding how to legally remove the skunks on your own since some states may have strong laws with tough penalties when it comes to removing the animals in an incorrect way. And of course you will always have to try to avoid distressing the skunks.

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