Do All Skunks Have Rabies

It is important to note that despite the myths being floated around, not all skunks have rabies. In fact, a skunk will only have rabies if it is infected from another source. It doesn’t matter whether you see the skunk during the day or during the nighttime. It is likely just feeding or trying to get its litter some food, so don’t be in a rush to eliminate the animal. You should take note that skunks are not the number one carriers of rabies. The animals that pose the most danger are free roaming dogs and cats that are exposed to wild animals.

There are signs that a sick skunk might exhibit, but these do not necessarily mean that the skunk has rabies. For instance, foaming at the mouth might also be a sign of ticks, roundworms, or even coccidia. Therefore, you should be aware of all the signs of rabies in order to determine whether skunks visiting your yard are infected or not. If infected, the period that skunks can carry rabies has never been known. While some people say that skunks can carry rabies up to 2 years, this has never been scientifically proven.

There are a number of sure signs that a skunk is infected with rabies. Basically, there are two types of this disease: the aggressive type and the dormant type. If a skunk is infected with the former, it will tend to be quite furious and foam at the mouth. If you notice this condition, then you are advised to stay at a distance as its bite might just make you sick – even if you have been vaccinated before.

On the other hand, the dormant rabies will affect the skunk by making them quite lazy and uninterested in what is going on around them. Their tail might drag and it would seem like it wants to fall over because of its drooping posture. They are not scared of humans or other animals, and in most cases they can be found sleeping all day long.

It is paramount to note that skunks do not really eat chickens or infect them with rabies or any other diseases. This is a myth that does not really hold any water. Skunks cannot by any means catch fast moving animals. Overall, they can spread rabies if infected, but not all of them have the virus.

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