Do skunks jump?

Skunks do not jump and they are not good climbers. They are able to climb over straw bales but not a high fence. The skunks can also dig, so you may have to use a buried fence to keep them outside. You have to ensure that the fence does not have any weak points where the skunk may dig to get inside. Skunks are known to dig up vegetables looking for grubs. You may use bird netting in order to keep the skunks out, but it is a pain to work with since in the end they may catch animals you hadn’t intended to catch.

The skunks live in hollow logs or dig their dens. In the urban areas, they can take up residence within the crawl spaces under a deck. If you have skunks, then you should evict them before they start to make babies.

Skunks in the basement and indoor spaces can be worse than your backyard woes. When you trap and relocate the skunks, it may not work always since they may end up dead at the new location. When you kill the skunk, it will not be the best solution since a new one can come to live there. What you should do is make sure that your property is not hospitable to the skunk.

When you have many plants at your home, there will not be too many problems for the skunk. They will not need to take any preventative measures when it comes to moving around your yard.

Even if the skunks may not jump, you should know that they can do damage in your yard, especially in your vegetable beds.

To keep the skunks away, you should understand the skunk behavior, territory and breeding patterns. You can secure the crawl decks and spaces before the breeding season starts. If the methods you have tried did not work out, then you should consider learning how to live with the skunks.

If you have skunks in your home, you should try to evict them with the available methods like a one way exit door, live trapping or harassment.

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