Do skunks come out during the day?

Many people believe that when they see a skunk during the day, it will be sick or it will have rabies. It is true that most of the time they are nocturnal, but sometimes they may decide to go out in the day for many reasons. When the skunk is alert, responsive and it behaves normally in the day, everything will be fine. Skunks can come out in the day if they can get access to food in that period, if they were frightened where they were sleeping during the daytime or when there is high competition in the place and they did not get enough food during the night. The baby skunk may also be out in the day.

There is also another myth that the skunks that are out in the day can be tired, will be disoriented or may look confused since they are normally nocturnal. However, it is rare for the adult skunk to show symptoms such as loss of balance or difficulty in walking and lethargy. The skunk may only behave this way when it has been injured or is bleeding, and in this case you need to contact a wildlife rehabilitator at once and ask what you have to do.

Sometimes a skunk seen in the daytime can be a mother that wants to get more food for its babies. The mothers stay with the babies during the night since it is the time that predators will be out and it is easier to raid their den than in the morning.

A skunk that has been infected with rabies will have dilated and enlarged pupils. The skunk is irritable because the infection will affect the nervous system. This will lead to irritability and it will be attacking anyone and anything it sees in the way. It does not show signs of hesitation when it comes to biting other animals, including humans. When the skunk is nearing its end, then the muscles in the throat and the jaw will be paralyzed and the skunk is going to fail to attack anyone during this period. The paralysis will rule over the system of the skunk while the virus will be destroying the brain until it goes into a coma and dies.

The myth that the skunks that go out in the daylight always have the rabies virus leads to a good number of skunks being killed each day. It is said that the skunks are nocturnal and they are never going to come out during the day, but this is not true.

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