How much does skunk removal cost?

Skunks have a very unpleasant trait, and that is the fact that they can spray a very obnoxious substance if they feel cornered or threatened. This is the main reason as to why many people don’t like the sight of skunks. No one wants to have to deal with an animal that is likely to leave behind a foul smelling substance.

If you have skunks around your property, you may be thinking about hiring a professional wildlife removal company. It is important to settle for a company that is well versed with wildlife removal and one that will do a thorough job so that you won’t be bothered by skunks in future.

Usually, the cost of skunk removal isn’t that highly priced. Usually, all that is needed is ground trapping work that isn’t too complicated. However, the price may go up if you need a bigger project where a fence needs to be installed around a shed or the deck. In such a case, the whole thing becomes quite expensive.

Ground based trapping is quite easy and it won’t cost as much. It depends on whether the professional only needs to set the cage traps on the ground so as to deal with the skunks. This job is very straightforward and one can get the costs on phone. Usually the quoted price deals with general business as well as the administrative fees, insurance and licensing costs. There is also the fee charged for every animal trapped and then removed from the property. The professional will relocate the animal to an area that has already been authorized. Different companies have different fees for this but the range is anywhere between 75 dollars to 150 dollars. The fee on each animal could be anywhere between 50 to 75 dollars. This is on average. You should talk to the company you want to hire so as to get the specifics.

There are also companies that charge a flat rate for every trip that they make regardless of the number of skunks they will catch. However, the overall cost may be around 175 dollars or more if there are a lot of animals that have to be dealt with.

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